LW1In her presentation last Friday, Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler shared methods with the members of the Pearlridge Rotary Club by which they could better gear up for meeting the varied volume of changes that occur in their personal and professional lives. She emphasized that the uniqueness of each individual is his or her competitive edge and paramount to achieving “personal excellence”.

As she put it, “You are better at being yourself than anyone else”. Her primary message was really to convey the notion that how well people use their personal power, determines in large part their level of personal excellence, the quality of their relationships and eventually their lifestyle.

Two books from her repertoire were referenced in her talk and are available at

1. Ain’t Life an Artichoke: It Takes a Lot of Peeling to Get to the Heart…The Best Part This book is about personal excellence–the process of self-discovery and a journey to your heart, which you must take alone to find your uniqueness. The process can be uplifting and bring a brand new perspective to your life.

2. The Power of Resiliency Bouncing Back in a Changing World “Resiliency”—is about being happy in spite of change—or maybe as the result of it. It’s about growing through life’s changes and bouncing back in spite of adverse situations.

For more information on Dr. Wheeler’s seminars and books, please check out

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