What Clients are Saying

GageSmile.lt“Trustworthy” – “Reliable” – “Competent”

It’s what we’ve been told and nothing motivates us more than hearing about how we have made a difference in the lives of our valued clients. Motivating people in positive ways sums up our mission and is the driving force that keeps us moving forward. Here’s what clients are saying about us…


  • YOU’RE THE BEST, Garrett! I wanted to thank you for all you continue to do for me. From the very start you were caring, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. And as a kupuna, I appreciate your patience with me and technology (LOL!). Aloha, Welene “Babe” Helm (Kahului, HI) March 17, 2022

  • “Garrett is an awesome leader who not only takes care of his team of advisors/agents, but he also puts a customer’s requirement as his first priority. He always does his best to help his clients’ to meet their financial requirements. As our Financial Advisor, he provided high quality service that our previous advisor did not. Based on our experience, Garrett went way beyond what most other advisors provide. We trust him as our Financial Advisor. As the District Sales Manager for Hawaii, he is a fine representative of Mutual of Omaha in the islands…”  -Randall (AT&T) and Li Lee (6/22/2018)

  • “Since I was introduced to Garrett, and we got to know one another, I could sense right away that he was sincere, genuine, and I really felt that he had my best interest at heart.  In my line of work as a school administrator, developing relationships is the key to helping others experience success and achievement.  I am convinced that my relationship with Garrett will be nothing less than long-term, and my family will benefit from our association.  I trust him, and I highly recommend him.”-Tim Lino, Ed.D., Principal, Ke Kula ‘o ‘Ehunuikaimalino
  • “Garrett is one of the most honest and trustworthy guys I’ve worked with. He not only looks out for the welfare of his clients, he also will advise those that have no intention of being the consumer of his services. Garrett is an asset to the community and I would trust him with my son or daughter.”-Martin Glenn, CSM, U.S. ARMY (Ret.)


  • “Garrett is my financial representative at The Guardian Life Insurance Company. I’ve been with him since 2002. His expertise in his line of work had gotten me nothing but great results, no worries, and is always in close contact with me of any and all changes and updates. He is straight forward and no BS. He will give you options and recommendations that would benefit you the most. and best of all, he will meet you face to face to explain and lay out everything you need to know and want to know. I highly recommend Mr. M. Garrett Wheeler…” -Sgt. Ron Asuncion, US Army (Ret.)

  • “Part of the accolades he receives is due to his easy going nature and perseverance. Garrett exemplifies a motivated professionalism and attitude in his work. I am constantly inspired by this. As a disciple in the management of people, I believe Garrett’s motivation and creativity serves him well in helping others take on the challenges of today’s society.” John McCabe, Business Owner/Honolulu
  • “Garrett Wheeler is a representative whose mission is to provide the very best service and products to his clients, always making their interest and goals his main objective. Over the years he has demonstrated a degree of integrity that I very seldom find in the business world of today. Garrett can be depended upon to provide sound recommendations that are appropriate and in the best interest of his client.” John Turner, Strategic Wealth Advisory Group
  • “The Personal Financial Management seminar you conducted at our unit was the best I’ve experienced in my entire military career. Thanks for your commitment to helping our soldiers.” –Staff Sgt. William Schoenfeld, Army Garrison Hawaii, Schofield Barracks
  • ”Thanks for rushing this request for us with less than a couple of hours notice!…I greatly appreciate all the accommodations you’ve made!!! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!” -Licie F. Uchino, Chief Operations Officer, Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
  • “Aloha Garrett, please accept my most enthusiastic THANK YOU for spending time with the students attending the Hawaii Council on Economic Education’s (HCEE) Summer Economics Academy…Please know that the time you spent with these students was impactful and made a difference in their approach to economics and personal finance!” -Toni Takeno, Executive director, Hawaii Council on Economic Education (HCEE)
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you…I learned a lot about retirement and savings such as Roth IRA’s, 401k’s and the importance of having a ‘life plan’. I appreciate you telling us about your car accident; it was inspiring that you were able to overcome all the adversity you’ve faced in life to be the successful businessman you are today.” -Adrian Wong (HCEE Economics Academy)
  • “You gave me plenty of great and insightful ideas to add to my financial plan. I also learned about the protection side of investments and protecting the assets from losses especially if a family is reliant on a single income provider.” -Colin Ngai (HCEE Economics Academy)

If you’re an existing client of the GWG, please feel free to share your experiences with us. Also, we certainly would like to give you the opportunity to share our systematic, results-driven process with those closest to you. To ensure their introduction to the GWG, simply email us at: mgarrettwheeler@gmail.com

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