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GageSmile.ltOur Mission

Our mission is to help companies, families, and people like you live life to the fullest. We do this by implementing financial strategies which meet and exceed your personal and business wants and desires. At the The Wheeler Group LLC, our emphasis is on establishing long-term relationships to help our clients achieve financial stability. TWG is a FEE-BASED financial advisory firm providing insurance/estate planning, retirement and investment advice to individuals, island families and kamaaina business owners across these beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Getting to Know Us

Whether our clients seek a complete, integrated financial program or targeted insurance, investment, retirement or estate planning strategies, Garrett Wheeler (pictured) can help to provide these with a human touch. The way we choose to respectfully interact with our clients IS the difference. We care deeply about each of our clients and spend a great deal of time getting to know them because our goal is to be their “go-to” trusted advisor. We support their financial goals, family priorities and business opportunities. Since 2001, this focus has been the key to Garrett’s thriving practice.

At TWG, we keep our founding principles in sight, and regard them as critical to the success and integrity of the company. Each team member and advisor lives by these values: We do the right thing, People count, and We hold ourselves to very high standards.

OATH: I put your interests first. Serving your interests is my priority.

As a fiduciary, I believe in placing your best interests first. Among others, here are my three (3) fiduciary principles:

  1. As my client, I will always put your best interests first. Always!
  2. I will act with care, diligence, skill and good judgment as your trusted, professional financial advisor.
  3. I will never mislead you, and will fully disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, any unavoidable conflicts.

Garrett Wheeler is a business owner and licensed financial advisor based in Honolulu, Hawaii. As the founder of the TWG, he grew up in a family-owned business and learned at an early age what drives entrepreneurs. He has a diverse educational and professional background. Born and raised on the island of Maui, he graduated from St. Louis School in Honolulu and earned his bachelor’s degree from UCLA with a degree in economics/political science.  In 1994, he and his family brought the Successories® franchise to the Hawaiian islands. Garrett had the chance to witness first-hand the hard work, dedication and incredible motivation that it takes to create a successfully managed enterprise. Today, he continues to provide human resources management and business consulting services to Hawaii-based organizations. In addition, he owns and operates, SuccessHawaii, the online company of Successories of Hawaii. Prior to his experience as a business owner, Mr. Wheeler worked with such multinational corporations such as GTE Directories in Hawaii, as well as Perrier in L.A. and his favorite, The Walt Disney Company in Anaheim, California.

Overcoming Challenges One Step at a Time. With nearly two decades of experience and an extensive knowledge of economics, estate and insurance planning, Garrett is a skilled financial and benefits planning specialist. Though the road to growing his practice was not without obstacles, Garrett persevered. He was struck down by an auto accident in 2005 which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Garrett was told that he would likely be a lifelong quadriplegic. Determined to fight, he regained his ability to walk, reaching a progress level that less than one percent of patients with his diagnosis achieve. Today he is an avid swimmer, and a hiker of challenging Oahu trails.

All of us have our own unique set of challenges to face and overcome–for some of us it is emotional or physical, while for others it may be financial. The key to success is to take it one step at a time. Each time you take one step forward toward your goal, your fear takes one step back. It is extremely empowering to conquer your fear.

Today, Mr. Wheeler is actively involved in diverse community service and has volunteered his time coaching youth and high school baseball. In addition, he previously sat on the board of directors for the American Diabetes Association, and the Hawaii Centers for Independent Living (HCIL) among others. Earlier in his career, he served as the HR Director for the largest entertainment company in Hawaii with over 400 employees. He enjoys speaking to groups on entrepreneurial-related topics. His mission is to inspire, educate and motivate people to take action by engaging both their hearts and minds. Presently, Garrett serves on the board of directors at the Yacht Harbor Towers, where he resides with his wife, Michelle. 

My goal is simple…to help you reach your financial ones. Call us today at (808) 216-4147 to schedule a FREE one-hour consultation. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

This material is being provided for informational purposes only. Neither The Wheeler Group LLC nor its agents provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Please contact your own advisors for legal, tax and accounting advice.

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