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Motivating Your Team In These Challenging Times

Surprise, surprise: According to a research study from the Ceridian Corporation in 2008, employees are most productive when they enjoy their work. But as you may know, even the most engaged employees can start to lose their drive if they feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated or panicking about job layoffs. So how can you as a manager keep your team members motivated when the workplace becomes stressful?

According to Ceridian, if everyone is working harder than usual because of layoffs and other cutbacks, talk openly with your team members about the situation. Acknowledge that times are difficult and let them know that you notice and appreciate their efforts. Here are some ways to keep up your team’s commitment and morale during difficult times.

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Customers Appreciate SuccessHawaii’s Quick Turnaround!


Here’s just one example of how our customers appreciate our quick turnaround at SuccessHawaii:

Yesterday, I received a call from one of our loyal, longtime Successories of Hawaii customers, Derrick Wong. After catching-up with this successful pharmaceutical sales professional, I explained how we now have transitioned to delivering our high-quality island motivational merchandise strictly through our online store, SuccessHawaii.

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