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Do You Have an iPhone? Here’s an App that Puts Your Business in Your Pocket…

If you have an iPhone, this post applies to you. As a Mac user since my family started The Human Connection in 1987 (precursor to Successories of Hawaii), I have migrated from productivity tool, to productivity tool starting with FileMaker, to Entourage and now, hopefully for the long-haul, Daylite®.  If you’ve been searching for the best productivity tools to help you keep track of your calendar, projects and daily to-do’s, I have a strong suggestion. While there’s a lot of app’s out there for the iPhone, I’ve found something that actually works well for me. As I have mentioned in a previous post on this blog, I am working on setting up the Getting Things Done®(GTD) system on my iPhone. To accomplish this, I am using the new Daylite® software. Daylite is a business productivity manager designed to help you manage your business and your team. With features such as project collaboration, shared calendars, task delegation, and sales tracking, Daylite helps you move your business forward.

Coupled with Daylite, Daylite Touch is a business productivity manager for the iPhone and iPod touch, designed as a companion to Daylite on the Mac. Winner of a 2009 Macworld Best of Show award, Daylite Touch helps you manage your business and your team, keeping everyone on the same page and helping you stay on track and deliver on time. I’ve been using it for a little while now and it has really helped me stay on top of things. Keeping track of all your tasks will help you avoid disorganization, stay motivated and be more productive.

BTW: I will not get any credit whatsoever for referring you; it’s simply to share it with you in the hope of helping. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Here’s to your success!

Resiliency and Getting Things Done®

In a recent seminar based on her book, The Power of Resiliency®, Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler shared with her audience that, “it seems to me that in this age of instability, people are searching for something that is unshakable.  They are drowning in information, but starving for knowledge and meaning.  People want some foundation on which they can build a brighter future–a more predictable and dependable existence. I believe that foundation is their personal power — their attitudes, knowledge, and skills in controlling their lives in positive ways.  When people feel in control of their lives they tend to feel better about themselves and others.”


Hearing Dr. Wheeler’s statement made me recall back to when we first began Successories of Hawaii in 1994. At the time, there was an explosion of methods for “time management”, “task management”, or “personal productivity enhancement” that were designed to teach knowledge workers efficient routines for dealing with this overload of ever-changing demands (e.g. Covey, etc). Most of the recommendations concerned concrete tools and techniques, such as using personal organizers, sharing calendars, etc. But it seems that people were seeking more than just physical tools and priority setting. Continue reading