Our Approach

At The Wheeler Group, we believe that holistic planning begins with an understanding of our clients’ cash flow and identification of risk areas in their “financial house”. This triggers a wide range of discussion points that prompt these questions:

  • How might I manage an unexpected death during my prime earning years?
  • If I were unable to work due to an illness or injury, what impact would that have on my family’s financial future?Is my employer ‘group’ coverage sufficient?
  • I would like my children to go to college, how can I fund it tax-effectively? Can grandparents conribute?
  • Do I run the risk of outliving my assets?
  • Does my investment portfolio coincide with my risk profile?
  • Am I adequately protected in the event of a lawsuit from a car accident or injury at my residence?
  • How could a change in tax code impact me?
  • If I were faced with a long-term care need tomorrow, would I be able to financially and emotionally handle it?
  • I want my estate to be distributed according to my wishes, how do I ensure it happens? Do I really need a full-blown trust, or will a living will suffice?
  • What percentage of my monthly income should I be willing to commit to helping me pursue my financial goals?
  • I would like to brainstorm with Garrett Wheeler to see if he might be a financial resource, how much will it cost?

Here’s how we operate. Our straightforward process includes these seven (7) steps:

  1. Discovery: An initial one-hour consultation (in-person or virtual via Zoom). A ‘no-commitment, no obligation’ session where we just listen to you. We want you to tell your ‘financial’ story. And in turn, we’ll share our unique process and approach.
  2. Outline Strategy: Next we’ll email you a proposed scope of GW’s services, outlining our strategy and commitment to you.
  3. Green Light: When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll meet for two-hours (in-person or virtually) to begin gathering key data. Both life-focused (qualitative) and numbers-focused (quantitative) information.
  4. Construction Phase: We build your ‘Plan’–crunching numbers, analyzing your situation and making adjustments along the way. Utilizing FinTech tools and Dropbox folders.
  5. Plan Presentation: We coordinate a two-hour session (preferably in-person) to present your plan and provide specific recommendations and priority steps.
  6. Action Meeting: schedule a one-hour session to collaborate on unique-to-you action steps to keep the momentum going (i.e. rebalance portfolio, review existing insurance programs, etc.)
  7. Live & Review Your Plan: We keep you on track by holding periodic reviews.

Unlike some other advisors in the financial industry, we are fiduciaries that give you what you need based on straight-up, time tested fact-finding. The facts, not opinion. We never lead with a suite of products, or try to sell you unsuitable ‘junk’. Life is too short; we’re here to serve. We often make friends of our clients because we change their lives. We help busy people get organized financially. That’s what we do!

We have been told that our unique ability is our focus on serving others’. It’s what differentiates us–our secret sauce, I suppose. Give us a chance to show you. Schedule a “Discovery” meeting and you decide.

Who Do We Best Serve? Our clients typically are ‘knocking on retirements door’ or the time is getting near and now:

  • They’re in search of a trusted advisor to listen to their needs, desires and challenges; then secondarily (but equally important), is an experienced investment advisor.
  • Have worked hard and accumulated at least $500,000 towards retirement.
  • They want to have on the planning team a fiduciary level advisor that puts their interests first.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to partner with you to craft a financial plan that organizes your finances, protects those you care about most, optimizes your wealth building (or preserving) strategy and ensures an estate transfer policy is firmly in place.

Let’s get started! Call Garrett at (808)216-4147 or email: mgarrettwheeler@gmail.com



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