Process not Product

It’s a pursuit,
not a product

Unlike some other firms or advisors in the financial industry, we don’t have any preconceived notions or some mythical analysis to sell you. We are fiduciaries that give you what you need based on straight-up, time tested fact-finding. We never lead with a suite of products, or try to sell you unsuitable junk. Life is too short. Who we are matters. We’re here to serve. We often make friends of our clients because we change their lives. Not necessarily earth-shattering; but we help busy people get organized financially.

We have been told that our unique ability is our focus on serving others’. It’s what differentiates us–our secret sauce, I suppose. With take an unapologetically disciplined approach that is deeply rooted in one thing: The facts, not opinion. Give us a chance to show you. Schedule a 20-minute “Discovery” meeting and you decide.

We’d love to partner with you to craft a financial plan that organizes your finances, protects those you care about most, optimizes your wealth building (or preserving) strategy and ensures an estate transfer policy is firmly in place.

Let’s get started! Call Garrett at (808)216-4147 or email:



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