The Power of Resiliency: Bouncing Back in a Changing World

In these tough economic times–hopefully ‘post-pandemic–times here in Hawaii, we all need to be reminded that our perseverance and resiliency in the face of insurmountable challenges is the key to our success. It is said that failure is only absolute when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down; the question is, will you get up? Now is the time to take action, not make excuses. Whether it’s pursuing a ‘passion’ project, some sort of ‘side-hustle’ or more mundanely, starting a retirement savings account or protecting your family with life insurance. Whether you just got a huge bump in pay (and responsibility), or you just got, “The Box” (i.e. fired), change and figuring the next best steps can be uber-stressful. Start at the beginning: Believe in #1…yep, that’s you.

I’ve read where experts say that the number one challenge in ‘change management’ is not so much the adoption of new ways of doing things—it’s the misperception that change is a negative judgment on one’s past performance. Not true. Change happens for a million reasons. But of course, all that matters is how it affects you. But do yourself a favor, open yourself up to see other opportunities. Ask yourself, ‘what do I want?’ We all need to be clear about the outcome we want to achieve or we’ll be flailing.

Brace yourself–shameless plug ahead: I won’t overdo it, but here’s an excerpt from my favorite author’s book, The Power of Resiliency: Bouncing Back in a Changing World. [Yes, written by well-known Hawaii writer, my mother, Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler]. While this article is designed and written with my financial planning clients in mind, it is certainly a universal thing this notion of ‘change.’ My hope is that these ideas will help propel you from the shock of change, to taking action and achieving the exultation of victory because you were forced to change and did it on your terms. Change is one of life’s universal laws. Google it, you’ll find way too many quotes on it. Here’s a succinct one that I like: “Change is the only constant in life.” -Heraclitus

In my financial advisory practice, solutions are paramount. In the same way, the following are seven (7) practical tips on how to bounce back from life’s challenging situations:

1. Develop a personal philosophy that makes you the owner of your destiny rather than a victim of the circumstances. When you passionately believe in yourself, you have the personal power to hang on and do whatever it takes to attain your dreams.

2. Be optimistic. Having a can-do attitude makes all the difference in how you view and handle change.

3. Goal setting for goal-getting. Creating tomorrow by the actions you take today. Because change is such a personal matter, once you are aware of the tremendous power you have to control and manage your life, the more likely you will appreciate[1]ate and use your unique talents, knowledge, and skills to attain your goals and follow your dreams.

4. Get a sharper focus of what you want and go after it with an action plan and pure passion. When you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, you inspire others through your attention to your goal. Everyone admires a person who knows what he or she wants and knows how to get it.

5. Make a conscious effort to change what is not working in your life. Go through the weed and seed process to set your priorities for immediate and long-term commitments. Remember, time has a way of changing your assets into liabilities. Remember, time has a way of changing your assets into liabilities. If you want different results, you have a to act differently.

6. Finding Opportunity Out of Crisis. Change offers both uncertainty and opportunity. How you manage yourself will make all the difference in viewing the changes that occur in your life.

7. Develop habits of change. Why not make change a habit? Why not make your life a little more fun by learning to live with change instead of routine? Once you do something well, you need to figure out a way to do it better.

The book I recommend Ain’t Life a Artichoke? is all about personal excellence—the process of self-discovery and self-renewal as you interact with others in building healthy and happy relation-ships. It is about acquiring the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be at your best with everyone, every time. That is your most valuable contribution in life—to be at your personal best. It is the gift you give yourself and others throughout your life. Check it out!

SPECIAL OFFER TO READERS: As a no-cost service, we would like to offer you, at no obligation, a thorough review which analyzes all of your potential financial problems, needs, desires and concerns. We’ll start by simply talking all about you and your vision for the best life possible. We’ll then review your existing programs. While a policy review or investment/portfolio analysis may or may not reveal the need for change (in coverage or asset allocation approach), it will help you determine whether or not you’re going down the right path in order to meet your financial goals. To benefit from this service, please feel free to contact me with any questions at (808)216-414seven, or email me at

Lastly, my mentor (and mom, Dr. Wheeler) shared with me long ago that ‘your greatness will be felt in the way you serve others. So get out there, go make your life’s impact in the way your connect and help people. It is only then that we all will be able to endure a lot of what life throws at us. Here’s to making change work for you, get get ’em!

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