A long-term care policy does many things. For one, clients tell me that they feel it is a great way to help them avoid being a ‘burden’—having to rely on family members for care. It’s not what they choose to be remembered for. But LTCi also enables you to remain in your home as long as possible. Many of my clients tell me, this is critically important, to remain in their homes. And then there is the ‘financial’. Additionally, it transfers this real ‘risk’ to the insurance company, instead of the high cost of care depleting your ‘life savings’. Let us help you protect your retirement nest egg.

You worked hard to plan for a comfortable retirement. Spending your life savings on long-term care services isn’t on your to-do list. Contact me to learn how long-term care insurance can help you protect your future.

Ask me about these strong LTCi features and benefits:

1. Cash Benefit with No Elimination Period: Our LTCi plan provides cash to pay for any cost associated with LTC expenses.
2. Stay-at-Home Benefit: Includes multiple benefits to help people stay at home as long as possible.
3. Partnership-Qualified Policies: Gives LTCi policyholders a Medicaid safety net.
4. Inflation Protection Options as Low as 1%: Allows you to reach a client’s desired premium.
5. Partner-Friendly Benefits: Includes benefits for partners who purchase identical coverage.

Disclosures: https://www.mutualofomaha.com/long-term-care-insurance

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