Alysia Lim: You Need a Plan

A disability isn’t always caused by a devastating accident or illness. It can mean a health crisis that takes away your ability to earn a living as you always have. That was the case for Alysia Lim’s father. An aneurysm, and resulting surgery to address it, has made it impossible for him to continue working as an emergency room physician. But Dr. Lim had prepared for the unforeseen with adequate amounts of insurance, including disability insurance.

Now he works as a professor at a local college, but his drop in salary has not changed the way the Lim family lives. His disability insurance has supplemented his income, allowing the Lims to stay in the dream house they built and to maintain their lifestyle.

This lesson hasn’t been lost on Alysia. She had thought her dad overprotective when he would mention that if anything were to happen to him or Alysia’s mother that the kids would be taken care of with the help of insurance. Alysia admits that her dad was right. “It’s a good thing he planned ahead,” she says, and adds that now she really understands the importance of preparing “for whatever may happen.”

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