Moves Like Jagger…

This is not a post about the legendary 60-year-old British rocker Maroon 5 sings about, but rather let me tell you about an 11-year-old inspiration. He’s a protegé-hotshot in the world of skating. His name is Jagger Eaton. He’s the youngest competitor ever to compete at the X Games 2012, the world’s largest extreme sporting event, going on now in downtown Los Angeles.

Check out this video clip of Jagger’s run found on YouTube.

Eaton is only 5ft tall and is a flyweight at 76lbs. Imagine, he’s just 1/30th the size of the “Big Air” MegaRamp he will be dropping into, which soars 80ft high and extends into the crazy 50 and 75 foot gaps. Again, let’s put this in perspective: Jagger is in the 5th grade! Of course, he had an early start in the sport, growing up skateboarding and training at his family’s run skatepark in Arizona. But still, this kid is phenomenal. It’s crazy when you consider the other guys competing in the X Games are his skateboarding idols and on average more than twice his age. I don’t know any other sport where this takes place.

In an interview, he said, “75% of skateboarding is falling…” It made me stop and think about that one. I suppose, as in life, the key is just getting back up on the proverbial skateboard, right?

Well, anyway, here’s the best part: Jagger said he’s sick of people asking him if he has “Moves like Jagger,” like the song says.

“Because there’s these girls at home who always say, Jagger got swagger, and it’s so annoying! It’s like, it’s like that – but times two.”

Let’s see what he has to say in a few years about them annoying girls…

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