Call Standing

For me, it may be purely psychological, but standing on my feet while talking on the phone–specifically when it concerns a serious matter–gives me a boost of energy and for sure, a bit of projection in my voice.

Then there is the health issues involved with prolonged sitting and being too idle. In fact, a 2010 NY Times article, “Stand Up While You Read This!”, cites some empirical evidence. The author, Olivia Judson, an evolutionary biologist, starts her article by proclaiming, “Your chair is your enemy.” Judson says, “several strands of evidence suggest that there’s a ‘physiology of inactivity’: that when you spend long periods sitting, your body actually does things that are bad for you.”

While I’m personally not implementing any radical solutions to my “sitting-too-much-syndrome”, like replacing my sit-down desk with a stand-up one, and equipping my desk with an attached treadmill so that I can walk while I work, I suggest standing up when you’re on the phone.

And I’m not alone. A recent USC study found that your brain’s information processing speed increases 5 to 20 percent when you’re standing.  You and I are in fabulous company. Luminaries such as Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill all stood while they worked. The bottom line: Heed Judson’s warning, “…whatever you choose, know this. The data are clear: beware your chair.”

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