“Born Ignorant”-What?!

Remember a few years ago how popular it was to have, “Ainokea” (‘I no care’), emblazoned on a t-shirt, or even on a bumper sticker? In response to that rebellious public tone, some people who felt otherwise fought back by displaying a new retort to the “I do what I like” motto. The new paradigm shift was, ‘I do care’ or “Aikea” or something to that effect.

At any rate, I’m not a bumper sticker kind-of-guy. Some people are, some aren’t. But yes, I do chuckle at many of them. Of course I’ve thought about putting them on my car before–maybe alumni stuff like the image of the proud St. Louis School ‘Crusader’ with it’s “dukes” up ready-to-go, or the UCLA Bruin Bear. Or maybe something even more personal like a bumper sticker representing the place where I’m from originally, like the “Maui Built” sticker with it’s unique tribal pattern. But, as of yet, neither has made it to my bumper.

Like you, I’ve seen my share of the political, humorous, and sports-related types of bumper stickers. But today took the cake. Of all places, or maybe appropriately, I ran across one at the annual McKinley HS book sale. On the back window of a nice looking pickup truck read in huge letters, “Born Ignorant”. While I certainly do realize that we’re all born without any knowledge when we come into this world, I did wonder, “what’s the point of advertising this message?” I actually felt a bit perplexed and a little out of the loop. I know, it’s pointless, but it still bothered me to not know. I guess I just didn’t understand the message. I still don’t. Was it in reference to what Benjamin Franklin said:

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

I suppose it’s the beauty of being an American. We have the protected freedom of speech and expression. However, according to Wikipedia, “People who opt to exhibit their individuality through these decals often take part in more acts of road rage. Colorado State University social psychologist, William Szlemko, found that aggressive driving is linked to the number of markers a person has on his/her car, regardless of the messages portrayed. He says this idea is linked to the idea of territoriality. The more individualized the car, the more the person tends to think of public roads as his/her own.”

What do you think this, “Born Ignorant” stuff means? But really, if unokea, ainokea either…


  1. Born Ignorant

    HAHA das my truck n sticker… meeean, but really jus coz u read it n say why did he/she do that??? hmmm yea!!! why dont u ask, is it meant for me or da person that is readin it!!!
    “BORN IGNORANT” mean as u say “While I certainly do realize that we’re all born without any knowledge when we come into this world”
    but he who choose to ACT in a way of stupidity will not compare to someone that was BORN IGNORANT…
    and its a way for us to be different from everyone we choose to be different…

  2. MzBornIgnant

    What does it mean? It means, according to my husband, if you are gonna act stupid, then so am I. But the mere fact that it causes such a query in public minds humors me. Why do we feel the need to know what it means, especially if it wasn’t meant for nor directed towards you in particular. Right to freedom of speech, yes; privilege to understand, not necessarily; and Wikipedia?? Us of the research world, do not refer to this site for any measure of authority. Any tom, dick and harry can add or subtract from this site, so as always, check your sources. If you can’t, mai maha’oe.

    • The Wheeler Group Hawaii

      Thanks for the clarification. After reading your comments, the sticker makes perfect sense. However, it seems that I need additional online resources that I can turn to for quick, summary-type statements. What site would, “Us of the research world”, suggest instead of lowly Wikipedia?

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