What is “Stressed” Spelled Backwards?

y91351Stress. Say no more; we all have it in one form or another and there’s no escaping it, right? I know, it really doesn’t matter what your profession, where you live or how much money you earn. You simply can’t eliminate it altogether due to the real-life demands we all face in our personal and professional lives. But, like all else in life, how we choose to deal with it is the magic variable. As the famous Successories saying goes, “Attitude is Everything!” It’s up to each one of us to manage our stress effectively. Here’s something that helps me.

The other day I found myself listening to a podcast featuring one of my all-time favorite sales trainers, Zig Ziglar. It was Zig who taught me to tune into and attend what he calls, “Auto University”. The clever term comes from the learning that can take place while commuting in your car. Ziglar is such a huge proponent of listening to something that teaches us–instead of just taking in pointless radio commercials and Muzak–that he claims, “It’s the most important university in America.”

In fact, IBM released a recent study that showed, “45% of all drivers surveyed report traffic congestion increases their stress levels”.  Aside from the continuing education-factor with “Auto U”, you could also eliminate some of that needless stress by focusing on learning something that will ultimately have a positive impact on your life. It’s easy to get up-to-date content. Check it out on iTunes. There’s tons of podcast categories. Simply determine what you need to work on professionally and find yourself a podcast program that teaches that  skill-set.

In fact, when I think about it, who says it has to be work-related. Think about it, you could learn a foreign language that you always considered, but never found the time to do. Or it could be something fun and purely pleasurable, like learning to whip up fantastic, decadent desserts.  Come to think about it, what is the word “stressed” spelled backwards anyway?

(Credit due: And by the way, that cool retro image at the top is a magnet that can be purchased through, Sticker Giant.)

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