LifeLock® and HonorCard®: Honoring Those Who Serve


At The Wheeler Group LLC, we’re excited to begin representing LifeLock® here in Hawaii to the military community through our association with the HonorCard®. As a marketing affiliate of HonorCard, TWG will use the power of the HonorCard's negotiated group pricing to offer discounted rates on products and valuable services that military members use every day. Our group packages will help military personnel fill the void between their existing benefits and the other valuable benefits that we make available to you. Through the HonorCard, we can make your military or post military lifestyle less worrisome. We offer a unique selection of benefits designed to protect your identity, enhance your healthcare, provide roadside assistance, and assist you with legal matters. We even help make your recreational time off more fun and less expensive. We also can help you save on things you’re already purchasing on a regular basis. THIS SAVES YOU MONEY!


Tonight I watched Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice TV show, and was interested to watch the remaining celebrity candidates design a LifeLock retail package and point of sale (POS) display to be judged by LifeLock executives. I’m curious to see if their packaging design and signage will be used by LifeLock’s various retail partners like us at TWG. For more information, you can read a related, well-written article in the Hawaii Reporter, (Hawaii’s Independent Resource for Business and Government Record) entitled, Donald Trump & LifeLock Want to Protect Your Personal Information and Say ‘You’re Fired’ to Identity Theft”.

Do you realize that over 10 million Americans will be victims of identity theft this year? If you didn't or just want to educate and protect yourself, read more here. As the leader in proactive identity theft protection, LifeLock protects the identity of over 1 million members nationwide. LifeLock is a proactive service that works to reduce the risk of identity theft and backs it up with a $ 1 million total service guarantee, in the event your identity is compromised.

We salute our active duty and retired military members and understand the unique challenges confronting you as a member or past member of our armed forces. While you make the sacrifices necessary to safeguard the nation, HonorCard is committed to providing you and your family an unparalleled level of security and savings. If you'd like to contact us in regards to our HonorCard programs please email us at: and we'll reply as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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