Valuable App for Mac Users-MenuCalendarClock

After working with GTE Directories (PC-operating system), I immediately transferred over to the Apple/Mac system my family was using in our small businesses.  Since then, I have not looked back. Aside from our retail stores that utilized PC-based POS systems, everything we do are on Macs.


This is one of the first tools I installed on our new Mac because it works. It’s a tool that replaces the “stock” clock in the menu bar, and adds a couple of great features: 1) Displays the full date next to the time; 2) Shows a month calendar once clicked. It’s a lot faster to use than pulling up iCal or Entourage, and truly a valuable timesaver once you get used to it. Looking up the date of a particular day becomes a breeze–quick and easy. There are two versions: the free one and the registered version that adds bells and whistles like adding highlights to the calendar view showing your Entourage or iCal appointments.

Check it out, and get the free app here. -g

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