Customers Appreciate SuccessHawaii’s Quick Turnaround!


Here’s just one example of how our customers appreciate our quick turnaround at SuccessHawaii:

Yesterday, I received a call from one of our loyal, longtime Successories of Hawaii customers, Derrick Wong. After catching-up with this successful pharmaceutical sales professional, I explained how we now have transitioned to delivering our high-quality island motivational merchandise strictly through our online store, SuccessHawaii.

He then explained that he had a mild dilemna. He shared that one of his valued team members was leaving the group after seven years and he wanted to recognize her with a meaningful gift that would continually remind her of the time she spent on his team, and reinforce her personal excellence. He went on to say that normally he would just have come down to our Ward Centre retail store location and picked up what he needed. He emphasized how many times he had done it before, and personally, I vividly remember his wonderful, positive attitude. (Although our database tells me that well over 15,000 customers have opted-into our system, some people really do stand out. Derrick is that kind of person.) This time around, however, he needed it by tomorrow at 12 noon for their going-away luncheon to honor her. Immediately I told him that we could help.

I can’t tell you how many times this similar type of situation has happened at our “brick-n-mortar” retail store at Ward Centre. Although infrequent, it wasn’t the first time for our online store either. I reassured Derrick,

“No worries, we realize that people need stuff like this and they typically need it tomorrow…we’re here to help!”

This is what transpired: I told Derrick, “First of all, thanks for considering us at SuccessHawaii for this special going-away gift. I have the perfect item that will be well-received and represent you well.” I went on to explain that it is one of our very bestselling items and it is truly very unique, in that, we’re the only place you can get it. “It’s our 8” x 10” double mats with a precise laser-cut (engraved by the lasers heat into the matting etching-out the wording) inspirational message (“New Beginnings”) directly lasered into the black mat and it features gold accents.”

I further told Derrick that the title is: ‘New Beginnings’ and it is perfect for the situation. Why? Because the inscription reads:

“What may be perceived as the end of something, is the start of something new in your life. What you call a beginning is often the end. And to mark an end is to make a new beginning. The end is where you start from.”

At only $30.00 unframed and packaged, he was elated. I told him that we could invoice him directly through PayPal if he would like. He instead made it even easier and paid with cash.

When the item was finished, the winning product included a stunning photo by one of our team photographers featuring the image: “Diamond Head from Tantalus”. Needless to say, it was stunning and Derrick was stoked the next morning at 9:30 am when he picked it up from me at Yacht Harbor Towers, only one-half mile from our previous Ward Centre location.

Like Derrick, please consider us for your employee recognition and other gift ideas. We look forward to serving you soon at SuccessHawaii. Aloha!

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