Bugatti Veyron vs. Eurofighter Typhoon

The most technologically advanced car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron was pitted against the supersonic Eurofighter Typhoon jet plane in a head-to-head race of truly epic proportions. Which of these mechanical marvels will win? Well, the Bugatti is quite impressive. It can hit 253 mph and is heralded as the quickest accelerating and decelerating street-legal production car in the world. But compared to the jet, which tops out at 1500 mph, it’s a snail. So the race is pretty straightforward, right? Not so. Here’s the twist, the jet will need to shoot up a mile into the sky and come back down; while the supercar will need to go one mile down the runway and make it back; both covering two miles. The first back to the starting line, wins the race. See the mind-boggling race for yourself– Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter Typhoon Jet.

Unbelievable, but I saw it for myself; it’s the real thing. Top Gear BBC featured this in their popular auto show on TV recently. Of course, it’s a novelty of sorts, but it’s still cool. The Bugatti Veyron racing a Eurofighter Typhoon Jet over a 2 mile tarmac turned “drag strip”. Click here to see the race.

I can still remember walking into the Ettore Bugatti store in Waikiki over a decade ago. It was a big event for Honolulu when it premiered. Even the Robb Report interviewed Crazy Shirts founder, Rick Ralston, who brought it to Hawaii. But only two months after that interview appeared in the magazine, Ralston shut the store down. We have many high-end boutiques on Kalakaua Avenue, but this store’s quality was a cut above, and the prices were too. I went to the closing/liquidation sale, and the stuff was still just way too expensive.

Consider the Veyron supercar: At $1.7 million, it’s the most expensive production car in the world. The way I see it, if you’re fortunate enough to afford one, you are getting a ridiculously special vehicle. They truly take their time in putting together this automotive masterpiece. It is said that only two are completed weekly. When I read that statistic, my knee jerk reaction was, “that many?”

What makes any car worth the price of a (small) beachfront home? Well, overpriced parts, for one. To give you an example, the square-head bolts that hold together the air ducts on this supercar are made from titanium, and costs more than $100 apiece. Although most of us can’t, if you can afford it, and it would just represent a little splurging, then go ahead and make yourself happy. It might just be good for your health.

Hard to believe, but on July 7, 2008, the Wall Street Journal featured an article entitled, “Splurging Is Good for Your Health”. Appearing in the Harvard Business Review, researchers came up with the virtues and regrets of consumers. As the WSJ put it, “Whether luxury is good for your finances is another matter.” All I do know for certain is that spending more than you make is not good for your financial health.

Whatever the case, enjoy the race!

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