Our Bodies: There is no better return on your investment

My fiancé, Michelle and I, recently took in that much publicized and controversial exhibit called, Bodies The Exhibition. Showcasing the human body with actual, real human specimens, some detractors have accused it of being pure sensationalism, questioning the origins of the cadavers.

Personally I came away with a better understanding of the internal mapping of my own imperfect body. Seeing it full-size is very different than an illustration in an anatomy book. Ultimately, I choose not to get caught up in the activism of it all. Rather, as an organ donor myself, I believe in it’s educational value and the science of it all.

To see it—the human body—is its full glory (yep, full glory) is definitely eye-opening and fascinating. The method by which they have preserved these actual human bodies is simply incredible and it gave us a chance to literally peer into ourselves.

Apparently, the technology of using silicone polymers has been around since the 1970s. I learned that it uses a process called, Plastination. However, the controversial nature of the exhibit itself has precluded its acceptance in the mainstream until only recently.

Bodies’ Education Director Cheryl Mure said, “You have one body from the day you are born till you take your last breath, and we want you to come here and be inspired to take better care of it.” It did that for me and I totally agree with Mure.

In a CNN/Money article, they posed the question, “What’s the connection between physical and financial well-being?” Well, according to the article, “For sheer impact on your bottom line, experts say nothing beats taking care of yourself.” On personal note, having survived breaking my neck three years ago, I totally concur with their message that “it’s time to invest in your biggest asset: You.”

There is no better return on your investment.

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