Ain’t Life An Artichoke?

“A goal without action is a dream;

all action without a goal is passing time;

and a goal with action is accomplishment.”

From the #1 Bestselling Book by Dr. Linda Andrade Wheeler. (Yep, you got that right: Not self-promotion; but shameless family promotion. If you know something is good, share it. That’s what I’m doing here with you. Dr. Wheeler is my mom and I’m truly proud of her accomplishments…find out for yourself why her books are perennial Hawaii bestsellers. The book is on its third printing.)

Ain’t Life an Artichoke: It Takes a Lot of Peeling to Get to the Heart…The Best Part

This book is about personal excellence–the process of self-discovery and self-renewal as you interact with others in building healthy & happy relationships. It is about a journey to your heart, which you must take alone to find your uniqueness. The process can be uplifting and bring a brand new perspective to your life.

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